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Weatherproof LED Strip Lights: Best in the Crowd

Weatherproof LED strip lights are quickly becoming the most sought after means of exterior illumination for homes and businesses in Canada. They’re far more efficient than other lighting systems and last substantially longer than anything else available on the market today. LED strip lighting is customizable and allows users to change the look of the lighting as easily as tapping a smartphone screen. Understanding exactly what weatherproof LED strip lights are and how they compare to the most popular alternatives will provide some valuable insight into their true value to home and business owners.



These are essentially incandescent bulbs with a small amount of halogen built-in to increase brightness. They’re often used in libraries and art galleries due to the quality of light they produce. They illuminate immediately and are more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs, but they have a few drawbacks that make them a lesser quality product for use as exterior lighting for Canadian homes. Halogen lights get very hot, very quickly. They do not react well to moisture at all. Even the slightest bit of moisture can lead to the bulb exploding. For a country like Canada, that has fairly high annual rates of precipitation, it’s just not worth the risk to use them externally.



These are generally long cylindrical tubes filled with a gas that illuminates when electricity is passed through it. More recent versions of fluorescent lights closer mimic the look of traditional incandescent bulbs, but operate the same way. They are reasonably energy efficient and last much longer than halogen lights at roughly twelve-hundred hours, but they are far from a perfect solution for exterior lighting. Fluorescent bulbs tend to flicker when it gets cold outside, and they don’t stand up well to vibrations caused by wind. While they may be valuable for indoor applications in heated environments, they simply don’t work well for exterior lighting purposes.



When it comes to outdoor lighting options, there’s nothing available today that better stands up to Canadian weather. LEDs generate next to no heat, cost very little to operate due to their energy efficiency, and last upwards of fifty-thousand hours. That means these lights can be used for eight to ten hours a night for over twenty years and still maintain the same levels of brilliance. The finest LED strip lighting products on the market today can be customized through a smartphone app. Everything can be changed from the colours used to the state the lights are in. They can be static, blinking, and even be made to appear to be moving.


When it comes to weatherproof lighting, nothing beats LED strip lighting. If you’re looking for a way to improve the exterior lighting on your home or business, weatherproof LED strip lights are likely your best bet. They’re a cost-effective means of adding colour and customization with ease. Contact the most reputable retailer and installer of LED strip lights today to learn more about the products available and how LED lighting can help give your home an illuminating upgrade. A strong team like the one at Ablaze Lighting is always willing to help.